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Kid Columbine Quits- Sunday, March 30 2003
yes its true, kid columbine has quit the body farm kids. he has decided that we arnt gonna lead to anything positive (probably true) and that he doesnt want to be apart of the group anymore but he will still associate with us.i guess that means sabians gonna have to hold it down extra tyte for us so we can still keep the wickid shit alive.
posted by:Mr.Rage

Collaberation Announced- Saturday, March 29 2003
as you may well know the body farm kids are in rivendell. that place has alot of musically inclined people, especially rap, and in my class, theres a couple of rappers in it, every week we have freestyle friday. so we had it this week and theres only 1 guys whos beat me. his names "glock" ,so i asked hime if he wanted to hook up for a track and so were setting it up now, its gonna be the first track on the new bfk lp. its gonna be tyte as hell.
posted by:Mr.Rage

Sabian Preaching The Gospel- Friday, March 14 2003
I'm getting the word out any way possible I can. Right now I'm writing on shirts, preaching the word in school, passing out flyers, and doing everything i possibly can to show that im b-f-fucking-k affiliated, and making sure everyone knows it and shows it.
posted by:Sabian Psycho

We Aint Your Neighbors to be sold in stores- Friday, March 14 2003
"Sam Goody's" a nation wide chain said that they would sign a contract to sell the body farm kids debut lp, the price and the date are still unknown but its gonna be happening soon.
posted by:Mr.Rage

Body Farm Kids Exspelled - Wensday, March 12 2003
yes thats right the body farm kids, specificly Mr.Rage & Kid Columbine were exspelled from school and escorted to the police station were they werent formally charged with anything but its still possible that it will happen.
posted by:Mr.Rage

N-Dezent MIA - Monday, March 10 2003
N-dezent has gone off to boot camp and wont be back for 5 months. rage will keep you posted on his progress when or if he gets a chance to call.
posted by: Mr.Rage