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More About Me

Well as well as what i hav mentioned about myself in hobbies i also like listening to music such as Rap, Rock and Metal.At the current time my favorite band would have to be Rammstein - a German Industrial Rock Band. Also when i have enough time i like to play on my computer online, i play games such as Unreal tournement 2003, Counter Strike and Americas Army Operations - i like to think i am good and practice as much as i can but when i lose, i like to blame lag - i get alot of it.

Oh before i forget here these are my favorite websites:

I go on this website daily because i enjoy knowing whats new on the computer market - they do have some very good deals may i add.

I also log on to this website fairly often because, i like to see when the upcoming events are.

And this is where i try to find good deals on electrical equipment for well, basically nothing.