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Hey dickheads! Yeah, that's right fucknut! Delete the page unless you're too busy trying to suck your own cock. I bet it tastes like shit after all that ass you fucked. Delete the page for me ass holes. This is to tempt you cock eaters to delete a page, since obviously you won't delete the one I need you too, because you're all too busy having sex with little boys and plotting terrorist threats. So just get off little Johnny, put down your terrorist bible, and delete the god damned webpage. Fucken shit man! God damnit Mike. Do something for me bitch! Please mother fucker. Let the boys go for a minute. Drop the Bin Laden shit. Get to work! You're so lazy I almost thing you're a nigger. Shit man, it'll take two seconds and three clicks. Just do it ass hole. Then you can delete this one while you're at it.

By the way, Mike at told me I should do this.

password: mike

Mike.the.angelfire.prick is auckfngelfire