Annie Douglas

Annie and Del

The first time we saw Annie she had an argument with her dad, Del Douglas. Del had found out that Annie had been throwing parties for the money Del had sent her for her studies. This wasn’t the first time Annie had done something crazy like that but it certainly was the last. This time Del was deadly serious about stop sending her money and cut her out of his will. All Annie had ever wanted was for her dad to love her and be proud of her. But Del couldn’t do that. Annie did everything in her power to get his attention, including throwing parties and cut classes. Annie was really upset and when she talked to Ben later that evening she said she would kill him. He couldn’t do this to her. She was his daughter for heavens sake!

Next day it turns out that Del has been assassinated and Annie becomes one of the suspects like Olivia. Annie because she had been cut out of here fathers will and Olivia because she had an affair with Del. This was a really interesting story and I think many with me enjoyed it. Finally it appeared that neither Annie nor Olivia was guilty

But of course Annie was the one who got in the biggest trouble at first. She became the main suspect after the police found her dad’s wallet burned up in her fireplace. Annie freaked out and rushed to the toilet and jumped out the window!

Finally the police found the real killer. It was Elaine who shot Del. After founding out that he had kidnapped her son as a baby and she went so mad that she shot him.

One of the things we love most about Annie is her ingenious ideas. When she got Del’s ashes she flushed it into the toilet as she said “Swim with the sharks’ daddy!” Only Annie would say something like that.

This was the Annie we got to know and learned to love!