Everyone who has once watched Sunset Beach knows that Annie was the best on quotes. She always managed to find the right words to say. I have picked out some of the best quotes below. If you miss anyones you're welcome to mail me.



Annie: What is it all part of a murder investigation, Mulder? You know, I may have red hair but i'm not Scully.

Jude: Annie, you bubble.

Annie: Yeah? And you're a user.

Jude: Was I using you when I made love to you?

Annie: You never made love to me. You had sex with me.

Jude: Hey, don't you tell me what I had.





Annie: (to herself) I can't let him get to me like this. It's just that his lips are so irresistible.





Annie: You know, I got three words for you - get over yourself.





Annie: Is this some kind of joke?

Jude: No, i'm not joking Annie, I don't joke. Joking isn't something that I do.

Annie: Well you do a lot of other things with me in this office, on the couch, in the chair...

Jude: we did it on the desk too.





Annie: Dream on, Romeo. Get someone else to drink your poison.





Jude: I expect to see you here tomorrow, with a pencil in your hand and a steno-pad in your breast... pocket.





Annie: Well you can always perform an audit on my holdings and assets.

Jude: The last time I checked your holdings and assets they amounted to about what you can tuck into this little skirt, and that ain't saying too much.





Jude: Home? Isn't that the place where you sleep and everybody hates you?






Annie: (to herself) That smug little... who does he think he is, trying to force me into bondage?






Jude: You know Annie, I really hope that one of these days you're going to do yourself and the hole world a big favour.

Annie: Oh, and what is that?

Jude: Knock that chip of your pretty little sholder, get your act together and go on in and enjoy some dinner - in that order.






Annie: You think you're so smart Mister, but just because your great looking doesn't..... (she didn't finish the sentence!)






Annie: (speaking on the telephone) No, I'm not Mrs Cavanaugh, there isn't a Mrs Cavanaugh. I'm Mr Cavanaughs personal assistant and he would like to purchase a ticket for his girlfriend.





Jude: Annie I helped you that night and you expressed your gratitude by belting me and saying that I set you up!






Annie: I can't seem to go anywhere in this town without bumping into you.






Annie: Why don't you just hit the road, like I'm about to right now.






Annie: I can handle anything you throw at me, Mr Cavanaugh.






Jude: Since words don't seem to impact you, because the only voice you can hear is your own, i thought that we'd tried something a little different. I thought we'd use visual aids.






Jude: It's true, you are a human calculator. But the problem is you're more calculator than human and I can go out and buy one of those for fifty bucks.






Jude: I know I shouldn't and god knows I tried not to, but I can't help myself.






"No one ties me up unless I want them to"






"If only life was as easy out here as it is in my head"






(Gregory overhears Annie talking to herself)

Gregory: "Annie, just how is it Tim's fault that you're being kept from seeing Maria?"

Annie: "I was having a private conversation."

Gregory: "With yourself? Maybe I should consider checking YOU into Cedar Oakes!"






(After knocking the pilot and taking over the plane controlls on the way to Vegas)

"I mean, how hard can it be to fly a plane"






Annie: "Why does everybody always think the worst of me?"

Cole: "Saves time"





"I can't go to jail. There's no miniskirts, there's no manacures... there's no men!"





Fireman: "Ma'am, we're obligated to check out the scene of a fire"

Annie: "Oh yeah? Where were you when I was being cremated?!"





Annie to Meg: "I have no idea what you're talking about, but then again, that's usually the case!"





Ben is walking Annie to the door: "Look, I've been thrown out enough, I know the drill"





Annie: "I like to stay on top of things at the Liberty Corporation"

Olivia: "It's who you're on top of at the Liberty Corporation that concerns me"





Ben: "Annie now behave yourself"

Annie: "Scouts honour"

When Ben has left... "It's just too bad I got kicked out of the girl scouts"





Annie: "Stop talking to me like I'm crazy!"

Tim: "What do you expect? You're not thinking very clear Annie. It must be that dress you're wearing. It's so tight on you that you can't get any oxygen to your brain"





Annie answering the phone at Ben's place: "No I'm not the lady of the house, but I am working on it."





Olivia up in the cabbin delivering her baby: "Annie, don't leave me... don't leave me"

Annie: "Oh, I don't know. They say that it's a sale at Bloomingdales"





Meg to Annie: "At least when a man sleeps with me he doesn't have to take a number!"





Annie about Cole: "You really hate him, don't you?

Gregory: "Almost as much as I hate you."





When Tim gets stopped for speeding offence...

Annie: "Where do you think you are? In a tractor race or something?!"





Amy is in the livingroom as Annie and Gregory enters...

Amy: "Do you want me to go somewhere else?"

Annie: "Yeah, how fast can you get to Slovenia?"





Gregory lets Annie know how much he cares about her.

Gregory: "I care more about Spike! And I'm allergic to that little mongrel!"





Gregory is mean to Annie.

Annie: "Do you practise this or does it come natural?"

Gregory thinks for a few seconds: "natural"





Annie when Sean forced her to get down in the trunk of the car.

"... but I'm claustrophobic..."

Sean: "You were inside a coffin with a dead body once so I think that you will survive"





Meg: What have you been doing Annie? Manicuring your nails or shortened your skirt another feet?!"





Annie: "But I need to talk to Gregory about some buisness!"

Bette: "Yeah, and the pope is Jewish"





Tim: "Are you getting cold feet?"

Annie: "My feet are as hot as the rest of me!"





Caitlin: "I'm not as good at all this lying as you are."

Annie: "I think I'll take that as a compliment."





Annie talking to herself: "Oh Olivia, you're making it so easy for me to get my hands... and the rest of me... at Gregory"





Tim: "You really have it in for Meg, don't you?"

Annie: "Nothing that a nice trip to Kansas wouldn't cure."





Annie to Meg: "Get this into your strawfilled head!"





Annie to herself: "I can't take lactaiting medecin. Who does Olivia think I am, Besty the cow?"