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Gregory and Del Douglas, Annie's father were close friends. While growing up Annie did the craziest things to get her fathers attention. All she ever wanted was for him to be proud of her and appreciate her. But no, Annie's father didn't love her. Gregory became like a second father to her. When Del never showed up at Annie's prom Gregory was the one to dance with her.

Gregory's and Dell's friendship fell apart after Olivia, Gregory's wife, had an affair with Del. When Del was shot it was brought to light that Olivia had inherited all of Dell's money. Annie was furious. Del had added a clause in his will before he died. It said that Annie had to marry Gregory by June to keep her stocks in the Liberty Corporation.

Annie found out that Caitlin, Gregory's and Olivia's daughter, had been faking her pregnancy for months. Ever since she lost her baby in a car accident. Annie decided to help Caitlin get another baby and what could be better than stealing Olivia's?! Caitlin didn't suspect anything. After Olivia lost her baby she went on a cruise. It was too hard for her to stay in Sunset Beach. Especially since Gregory accused her of killing their son.

As soon as Olivia was gone Annie made her moves with Gregory. Although Gregory new that Annie was up to something he felt attracted to her. One evening he found Annie at the pier crying. At first Annie didn't want to admit it but after a while she opened up to Gregory. Annie's aunt Bette had figuered out that Annie was trying to split up Gregory and Olivia while Olivia was out of town. Olivia was Bette's best friend and she was really hurt by Annie's lies. Annie had wanted the world and lost. Bette moved out that was why Annie was crying.

Annie felt really sad and lonely and so she told Gregory. The only person in the world who loved her had abanded her. Why was it that no one could love her? Gregory told her that he could make love to her right now but that was not what she wanted or needed. The discussion continued and they ended up by making out. Annie had worked so hard to get Gregory to want her and now when he did she couldn't go through with it. She told him that she wanted more than just a warm body for a night. She wanted someone to love her, Annie Douglas with all her faults. And that was something that Gregory couldn't give her.

She ran home in tears. At home, outside her frontdoor, Gregory catched her. He told her that she wasn't the only one who was hurting. He was hurting too. After a little talk Gregory kissed her head and said "sweet dreams". Annie laid her hand on Gregory's arm and said "don't go". Gregory said that he didn't thought Annie wanted to get involved. She didn't want to get involved but she didn't want to be alone, Annie answered. Then you won't be, Gregory said.

"Good morning" Gregory said.

"Is it? I'm dressed and you're dressed", Annie said a bit surprised.

"Of course", Gregory said.

"It's just that I've woken up with a lot of different men in a lot of different ways. But this is the first time..."

"Sch... I couldn't take advantage of you in the state you were in"

"I guess I've just one thing to say to you then.. Thank you!"

They went downstairs...

"You want coffee or just some orange...?" Annie asked.

"It's alright, Annie"

"Gregory... you know about last night..."

"Nothing happened last night, Annie"

"You're wrong Gregory..."

"I think i would have remembered!"

"Oh not that!"

"It's just that last night you saw a side of me that i've worked damn hard keeping for everybode else..."

"Annie I won't tell anybody that you're a human if you don't tell anybody that I'm a human being"

"Thanks Gregory"

"Take care Annie"

After Gregory left Annie got one of her dad fantasies. She woke up from her "dream" and realized that she had to work real hard if she wanted to get her money. Annie called Gregory over again for his cellphone meanwhile she dressed up really sexy. When Gregory arrived Annie said that she had felt so lonely when he left, the feeling she had wanted to avoid by not going to bed with him. She said that it was never to late for a second chance. They start making love but Gregory feels that Annie is up to something again so he stops it and leaves.

But no way Annie is giving up. She went to Gregory's mansion and found some letters at Gregory's bed. She started to read them but gets interrupted by Gregory. And he is really mad. Annie gets a little scared and starts to explain herself. But when Gregory shouts at her she gets really pissed off and angry. She says that he can keep his drunk wife. She has moved on to someone who is alive not some humanfragment. Just when she's about to hit the road Gregory shuts the door and push her up the wall. They start to make love...

Olivia comes home and finds Annie and Gregory in bed together. Gregory and Olivia start a quarrel. Olivia asks herself who is the bigger whore Annie or Gregory. Annie leaves the house.

The next they Annie stamps in although Rose tells her Gregory is busy.

"We need to talk about your manners, Annie"

"No we need to talk about your manners", Annie says. "You know Gregory it's impolite not calling the girl the day after you made love, or have you forgotten that we did make love?"

"No, Annie I haven't forgotten. What do you want?"

"I was wondering when the resort will be ready?"

"Annie, we talked about this yesterday..."

"Yeah i know but I was wondering if something new have come up. I'm interested in a svit there."

"Why Annie?"

"You remember that your wife owns my house?"

"She throw you out?!"

"That's right! And it looks like she's going to move in there herself."

"You know as well as I do that the resort won't be ready for months."

"I know but hotels are so expansive nowadays. Any ideas where i can stay?"

"You can't be suggesting that you could stay here?"

"No... but you have a big house and..."

"For family yes. There are reasonable prizes at the Seabrease Motel."


The telephone rings...

"It seems like we have to continue our little discussion another time Annie. Duty calls... or more like saved by the bell..."

Annie had one of her terrific fantasies where she asked a gull how she could get into Gregory's house and in the middle of that discussion she saw Caitlin taking a walk. She pretended to have a loud angry argue at her cellphone. Our sweet Caitlin couldn't help hearing Annie... After a discussion Caitlin offered Annie to move in with her in Gregory's house...

Annie hurried to pack her bags and move into Gregory's house. She