Episode Guide


This is an Annie episode guide. That means it only concerns Annie and the people she is  involved with. About the date it's when it aired as a replay at Swedish TV4.


After her visit at Grenadines Annie went home to the Richards mansion. She had a little conversation with Gregory where she told him that she thought Olivia and AJ had an affair. There are nothing Annie wouldn't do to break up Gregory and Olivia. Anyway it seemed to work. In the morning Gregory went over to AJ's hotelroom to tell Olivia's little secret. That she helped kidnapping Cole all those years ago. He told him and AJ went furious.


Annie paid a visit to her lawyer Charles. She is getting more and more desperate since it's just a few weeks left to June. And by that time she had to be married to Gregory. She asked Charles to find some loopholes who could buy her some more time. But unfortunantly there weren't any. She had a wonderful chess fantasy where she played the black queen and Olivia the white one. Gregory was the white king who Annie tried to steal and AJ was a white bishop. Anyway after the little chess fantasy she made Charles send some divorcepapers to Olivia even though she hadn't sent for them. Olivia decided to call Gregory to get him over and sign them...