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Updated: 14th July 2003



Scene of the week

Annie: Well... I'd love to sit around and chat but I'm late.

Gregory: For what?

Annie: Just because I live under your roof doesn't mean that I'm going to report my every movement!

Gregory: Annie, wearing that dress I'm surprised you could move at all.

Annie: Oh Gregory I didn't think you noticed.

Gregory: Oh I've noticed.

Annie: So does that mean you're having second thoughts about me sleeping in the guestroom?

Gregory: Annie, the only reason till why you're living in this house is because you were able to convince my daughter taking pitty on you.

Annie: Well in that case don't wait up!



Annie episode Resume

Monday 14/7-2003

Annie paid a visit to her lawyer Charles. She is getting more and more desperate since it's just a few weeks left to June. And by that time she had to be married to Gregory. She asked Charles to find some loopholes who could buy her some more time. But unfortunantly there weren't any. She had a wonderful chess fantasy where she played the black queen and Olivia the white one. Gregory was the white king who Annie tried to steal and AJ was a white bishop. Anyway after the little chess fantasy she made Charles send some divorcepapers to Olivia even though she hadn't sent for them. Olivia decided to call Gregory to get him over and sign them...


Please note: This is only a Annie resume. It means that I will mostly  note what happened to Annie. Since this is a Swedish site I will write the date it aired in Swedish TV4.

I am a huge fan of Sarah Buxton who brought Annie to life. I among all Sunset Beach fans were so sad when the show got cancelled in December 1999. Lucky for us here in Sweden, we can still watch the old episodes at Swedish TV4 and record them on the VCR.

It's easy to recognize Annie even for someone who hasn't seen her before. Annie is the one with the red hair and tight miniskirts. She is always scheeming, manipulating, lying talking to herself and has the most crazy fantasies. I mean who one else than Annie would think of Olivia as Cruella de Ville?


The pic is from the first catfight with Meg at Bette's!

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