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Hellbound: Hellraiser II

Channard Cenobite Pinhead & CenobitesPinhead

Year: 1988

Director: Tony Randal

Released Format: Video & DVD

The Story

A obbessive Doctor in a menal institution, gets his hands on the the evil lament configration a key to the gateway of hell, after the terriable events of the forst "Hellraiser". Kirsty Cotton is in the Channard mental home where she is benig treated after to telling her story yo the police. The evil begins all over agian when Julia is revivied form a bloody grave, throught the blood ofr Mr Browing one of Channard's patients. Now the hell is about to begin again as the docter kidnaps pateints and gives them to Julia to make her "whole" again. He then relies on a mute girl who has an obssessive interest in puzzles interest in puzzles, Hellbound it will tear your soul apart......again!


Certainly a nice effort from Randal, although this movie doesn't reach the atomosphere of Barker's orginal. Randal does a good job in expanding the story, for example the of the mythology of the cenobites was interesting. The movie does bog itself down with the vast amounts gore, and the movies does weigh a bit in the middle, but the movie's effects and brillant music picks up in the last 20 minutes of the film. a very good effort for a first sequal.