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Where Does Anger Stem From?

Now that you have a basic knowledge of what anger is and how it can have different levels of intensity, you should also understand where anger stems from. What does cause anger? There are a couple of different places that anger may stem from. One of them may be internally. As a child, were you brought up in a home where there was a lot of fighting or arguing? Were you exposed to dangerous situations as a child? Also, in regards to internally, it also might mean other possibilities. Have you or are you experiencing an event in your life that is not the best for you? Are you thinking about past memories that were not the best and they are bringing up bad feelings? That is what is meant by internally. Basically, by saying internally, its something that you are dealing with with yourself, and it is personal. External circumstances are another consideration of where anger comes from. Weather is a great example. Isn't it such a "bummer" when you go on vacation somewhere nice, and while you are there, it rains the whole time? Stinks, doesn't it. Another one is traffic. Now there is a good excuse to get upset...NOT! Driving down the high way during rush hour when someone cuts you off is a very typical example of feeling anger. Other people are also great examples of where anger can stem from. Do you ever find yourself saying, "why are people so stupid sometimes?! my goodness!!!" Genetics. Its the oldest excuse in the book. "Well, its in my genes, so I can't help if I have anger problems!" Yes, genetics may play a role in why you may be angry all the time or how angry you get, but your genes are not the only cause of why you get upset, so it should not be your only excuse. You can still change the way you act and think despite what your 'genetic code' implies. Now, On To The Next Page To Understand Its Effect!!!