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What A Good Blog
Mon, Jul 23 2007
i found an ollllllld blog!
Mood:  on fire
well! its 2007! i found this old ass blog and i decided to record some fucked up dreams i have dreamt as of late... because i dont know if i want anyone to see them and im quite sure they wont here.

i always have dreams that im doing something fun, like a carnival, fair, amusement park, pool, playground, being a princess, being in a show... stuff like that. i also constantly have dreams that i'm in a clut or strange group where i have to follow rules. weird thing is... im usually compliant and enjoy being there.

for instance, not too far back i had a dream that i was in some sort of farm cult where everyone had to act like a certain animal. i was assigned a cow. :( but i had to sleep in a little hay bunkbed and dress lie a cow and learn about it.

another example is a dream i had last night. i was in a camp of some sort with some girls i knew and used to know. some of the were from camp wakeshma.... but regardless. we lived in these really old cabin things and we were each assigned a man to be the sex slave of :( yeah i didnt like that dream so much. only i think i had it because im insecure... because nobody wanted me. i dont remember much except brushing my teeth and washing in the lake... i have the strangest dreams.

example! a few nights back i had a dream that i was really poor and living in a loft above a restaurant in europe i believe... and that i went down to the street and saw a guy aout my age who id never seen before in a garden with his dad, looking for his camera. i found his camera and kissed him... hmmm random? then i joined ths troop of students, most of which i recognized and we sailed to a random faraway place where the houses were like those in paris with the exception of being very bright in color and apparently ALIVE. i guess all us ladies were there to try and win the heart of some random guy ive never seen before. well i dont really understand it but somehow i find my house is pregnant with a bunch of little bread-babies. of course i am viewed as a slut by the other girls but the man simply set that fact aside.

strange shit.

Post from scary/alchemistallerd at 11:04 AM EDT
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Fri, Jul 15 2005
What's the Word? A WERDUP!
Mood:  caffeinated
WOOLY BULLY!!!!!!!!!

Wooly Bully

Ok. Iprobablywon'tupdatehereagainforalongtime buuuuuuuuuut...
You can just enjoy this one.

Post from scary/alchemistallerd at 9:45 PM EDT
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Fri, Jun 17 2005

Mood:  special
Because I'm awesome, I may post in here every now and then.
Otherwise it's here:

Post from scary/alchemistallerd at 8:29 PM EDT
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