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The Early Years of Woodrow Wilson.

Thomas Woodrow Wilson (he early dropped the
Thomas) came of a Scotch family of Presbyterian
preachers and teachers, and the early impressions
which he received in his father's home
amid the ministerial and college circles of
Georgia and South Carolina, gave a stamp to the
young man's mind and character
which they were never to lose.

It was a distinguished family circle,
which drew to it many of the eminent
Presbyterian leaders of the South during
and after the Civil War.


Woodrow Wilson's Birthplace.

At the time of his son's birth (Dec. 28, 1856
the father, Rev. Joseph Ruggles Wilson was pastor
of Presbyterian church at Staunton, Va.
Within two years Rev. Wilson accepted a pastorate
in Augusta, Ga. Here is where Woodrow spent his
formitive years.

In 1870 the family moved to Columbia, S.C.
where Rev. Wilson became professor of theology in
the Southern Presbyterian Seminary there.


Woodrow Wilson's home in Columbia, S.C.

During his years in Columbia, S.C., Wilson
settled down to serious educational studies
and in 1873, left home to attend Davidson College
in N.C.

He eventually transfered to the College of
New Jersey, now Princeton University, where he
graduated in 1879, with an A.B.

Wilson, after graduation at Princeton, studied
law at the University of Virginia.

In 1883 he started attending classes under
Prof. Herbert B. Adams, a famous teacher of
history at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore,
Md., where he earned his Ph.D.


That same year, Wilson married Ellen Axson
of Savannah, Ga.

The first Mrs. Wilson.

They were blessed with three daughters,
Margaret, Jessie and Eleanor.


Some more facts about the School Master!

1885 becomes Associate Professor at
Bryn Mawr College.

1886...Publishes "Congressional Government,
his doctoral thesis.

1888...Becomes Professor of Wesleyan College.

1890...Becomes Professor of Law and Politics
at Princeton University.

1897... Publishes "George Washington",
an historical sketch.

1902... Publishes "A History of the American
People" a five volume set.

Becomes President of Princeton University.


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