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Ashley's Home Page!!!!

3 Most Embarassing Things About Me (Other than the picture)

My Favorite Web Sites

Mix 94.7 Sumter's Hit Music Station
MTV-Home of my favorite show
Pictures of me and everyone I love!
More pics
Even more pictures
Last page I promise!!!
If you really want to see how much Sumter sucks then just visit our newspaper!
This is dedicated to one of the greatest people I have ever known.

Well in case you can't tell by now, my name is Ashley. I'm 18 years old and I (unfortunately) live in Sumter, South Kackalacky. I want to thank all my friends who talked me into creating this whole webpage thingy that I know nothing about. (Jeremy, Paul, Brandon, Brian, Lynn, Kaillie) And for all of you poor people who are reading this right now. I'm sorry if this sucks this is a first for me and I'm sure it'll get better over time.
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