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The Three Kinds of Persuasive Discourse


Deliberative Oratory


·        also known as political, hortative, and advisory

·        we seek to persuade someone to do something or to accept our point of view

·        according to Aristotle, political oratory was always concerned about the future (the point at issue is something that we will or will not do)



Forensic Oratory


·        sometimes referred to as legal or judicial oratory

·        a person seeks to defend or condemn someone’s actions

·        according to Aristotle, forensic oratory was concerned with past time (court trials are always concerned with actions or crimes that took place in the past)



Epideictic Oratory


·        demonstrative, declamatory, panegyrical, ceremonial

·        one is not so concerned with persuading an audience as with pleasing it or inspiring it

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