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Macbeth Act 1 Soliloquies

Macbeth's Act 1, Scene 7 soliloquy

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Lady Macbeth’s Soliloquy

Act 1, Scene 5

15-16:  You will be the king.

16:         But I’m afraid because I know you.

16-18:  Your nature is too kind to do the easiest or best thing for yourself.

18-20:  You have ambition, but not the evil that should come with it.

20-22:  You want to do what is right, rather than doing what it takes to get what you want.

22-25:  You fear the consequences before you do something, rather than doing

it and wishing you had not.

25-26:  Come home quickly, so that I can talk you into doing this.

27-30:  I will deny all your reasons for not doing what it takes to get the crown

(golden round) which fate has given you.

 *  Lady Macbeth asserts that fate has given the kingship to Macbeth.


Macbeth’s Soliloquy

Act 1, Scene 7

1-2: If we’re going to do it, we should do it quickly.

2-4: If we could be successful and there be no consequences….

4-5: And the strike to kill him would be the end of it…

6-7: We would risk going to hell to do it.

7-10: But here on earth our actions have consequences and often come back to

haunt us.

10-12: Justice may make us pay for what we have done.

12-16: As his kinsman and his subject, and as his host, I should protect him rather than

harm him.

16-25: He has been such a good king that everyone will mourn his death.

25-28: I have no other reason for doing this except that I want to be the king.

 *   Macbeth claims that his own ambition leads him to the murder.


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