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Welcome to Owen & Owen Publications'
new home on the internet!

We're proud to have finally embraced the world wide web in our 12th year of historical newsletter and book publishing.

This site will be primarily aimed at keeping our readers up to date on our current issues of USA Yesterday and progress on books/publications to be released in the near future.

Also, this site will enable you to easily contact us with any Letters to the Editor, free sample issue requests, possible referrals of anyone you may think to be interested in our newsletters/books, and any changes in address and/or personal contact information.

current and upcoming printed works include...
USA Yesterday : a quarterly Historical Newsletter
* Generals at Rest : Gravesites of the 425 Official Confederate Generals
* Gangsters & Outlaws of the 1930's : Landmarks of the Public Enemy Era

* available through White Mane Publishing, Shippensburg, PA

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