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Up &Under

Up & Under originates basically from an over-enthusiastic Former University of Exeter student. You may well of heard the term 'Up & Under' referred to many times in football, it describes a style of play associated with the old Wimbledon 'long-ball' style. This is not to say that Up & Under are associated with this style of play.....not all the time anyway! The name actually is associated to the sponsors, "Walkabout", which refers to Australia (down under). The team boasts a host of former students with Degrees left, right and centre. All they need to do now is to transfer that wealth of knowledge onto the football pitch and they would be well away....Premiership here we come...only 17 more divisions to win!!


The main sponsors are the Walkabout Pub located in Exeter. Why a club of ex-students would ever want to be sponsored by a pub is way beyond my comprehension!!! Anyway, if you are in the vicinity of the Walkabout why not pop in for a swift half an ale and chat about how the team are going to win the league. Lets face it, students have the pick of pubs don't they, so it must take something just a little bit special to be picked as a sponsor.

The Pitch

Duckes Meadow.

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