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Preserved Brisbane trams

The Brisbane Tramway Museum Society has preserved a number of Brisbane tramcars at its operating electric tramway museum at Ferny Grove on the north western outskirts of Brisbane, capital city of the State of Queensland, Australia.

In addition, a number of former Brisbane electric trams are preserved elsewhere, including at the Sydney Tramway Museum at Loftus, New South Wales, Australia.

Here is a selection for your enjoyment of pictures of preserved Brisbane trams.

Images of preserved Brisbane trams


    Preserved Brisbane City Council 'Phoenix' tramcar number 554 was photographed at the Brisbane Tramway Museum. The colour scheme of the Phoenix trams is much more striking than is visible from the black and white photograph of this same tramcar when in regular service with the Brisbane City Council (on the Brisbane tram system page). Note the Phoenix symbol on the side of the drivers cabin.


    Brisbane 'Phoenix' tramcar 548 is preserved at the Sydney Tramway Museum Society's Museum at Loftus, on the southern outskirts of Sydney, New South Wales. Since this photograph was taken, the Sydney Tramway has moved from the site it previously located in the Royal National Park to a new site adjacent to the Illawarra Railway line.


    Brisbane drop-centre tramcar 277 was photographed at the Brisbane Tramway Museum, against the backdrop of a darkening sky.


    Restored "Ten-bench" crossbench tramcar 65 at the Brisbane Tramway Museum.


    Brisbane "California Combination" tramcar 47 carries the Deputy Premier of Queensland, Dr Llew Edwards on the opening trip of the Brisbane Tramway Museum in June 1980, while television cameras whirl.


Last update: 12/07/2003