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Poland was still a communist country when I was born in Opole , a city in southwestern Poland . As such, at a very early age, my education was based on a dual language system; my primary language was Polish while at school, I was fully immersed in a 2nd language, which in this case was Russian. Soon(in elementary school), I realized that I had a proficiency in language acquisition, and thus, I started learning English followed by German in high school. In 1995, I began my undergraduate education at Opole University , where I pursued a BA in English teaching and an MA in Spanish and Portuguese languages at the University of Warsaw Warsaw University and completed this in 2001. At the same time, after completing my BA in English teaching at the University of Opole, I completed an additional MA in English. Upon completion of my tertiary education, I moved to the USA, where I started working as a Spanish High School teacher in California, focusing on teaching advanced Spanish and Advance Placement (AP) classes. I currently teach at the Latino College Preparatory Academy (LCPA , part of the National Hispanic University NHU system), where I specialize in Advance Placement coursework. I have a dual California teaching credential in Spanish and English.

At an early age, I also developed musical skills where I sang in three choirs and started learning to play the piano from the age of 5. I continued this all through my school years till starting college. Choir singing enabled me to travel throughout Europe, learning about different cultures and their traditions. My Choir "Legenda" (Legend) traveled to France, Spain, Holland, Belgium among countries in Western Europe, and as far east as Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. One important memory from those choir years in high school was that I met many interesting people, but in particular, our visit to the French Presidential Palace, where we had dinner with the Mayor of Paris, Jacques Chirac (who now is the President of France.)

In my spare time I enjoy playing the piano, singing, learning history, watching soccer, dancing, and watching movies. I also enjoy reading, especially poetry. Some of my favorite authors include Wislawa Szymborska , Alfonsina Storni , Pablo Neruda , Nicolás Guillén , and Federico García Lorca . Finally, one of my biggest passions is traveling and I have visited Mexico and various parts of Europe. Last summer I had the opportunity to fulfill one of my long time dreams and visit Egypt. It was amazing!!! Next year, I am hoping to see either Kenia or India.

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