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Spellcrafting Information for DAoC Players of Gawaine Server

Monday-Saturday: 7AM-11PM MST

(This means you have used the Kort's or Leladia's SC Calc to figure your items)

Low Down:

Chandee is offering her crafting services for the general public. Her contact details can be found above and Her pricing details can be found below. I do ask that Armor/Weapons be dropped off in Vault at House 559 in Dalton town of Norwood.No one is able to remove items from vault but Chandee. (Direction to house, Alamdar to Dalton Market then take Chrissa to Stable then /houseface)

To help determine your Spellcrafting needs, please use Leladia's Spellcrafting Calculator, and either send me your .scc file, or copy/paste the config report in an email. This eliminates the need for me to duplicate your efforts in finding gem names and checking overcharge points. I DO CHARGE FOR MY TIME, so please help me keep costs down.

If you're new to spellcrafting, or simply want to expand your knowledge in the area of DAoC item bonuses, please feel free to read over this brief tutorial on the subject.

Submit all orders via email to the contact info provided above. If you don't hear back from me within a day or two, feel free to /send me in game as
Chandee's alts are: Snugglebear, Cuddlebear, Chords, Cherokee,Kelarisa, Kelarissa,

Be sure to check your email for my reply!


  • NOTICE: I have changed to a flat rate pricing system. Prices are based on average cost under the old system, but are now much easier to follow and plan for. Please read the "Overview on Rates and Services" below for full details.
  • Items that have been USED (less than 100% durability) are MUCH MORE likely to blow up when being spellcrafted. Please do not test out your items before presenting them to me for imbuing. If you already have, get them repaired before you visit!
  • Contrary to popular belief, the use of all 99% or greater gems is NOT required for +5 OC. If you insist on the use of all 99% gems, there will be an additional 25% surcharge added to the cost of the order. The nature of the system is such that it takes nearly twice as long to make four 99's as it does to make two 99 and two 98 quality gems. I do understand the desire for extreme caution, and I will work with you if that is what you demand, but again, the price will reflect.

    News You Need:

    Spellcrafting is done to YOUR specifications, at YOUR risk. I can provide anecdotal information on my past successes, but nothing is assured 100%. If I blow up your item, I die in the process. You get to watch and laugh, and oddly enough, I still expect you to pay for the gems. If the blown item is cloth, leather, or studded (99%), I can replace the item at cost if you wish. I am not the only spellcrafter around, so feel free to shop around before you decide to hire my services.

    Level 51, quality 99 items have 28 imbue points. Level 51 Masterpiece items (quality 100) have 32 points. I can and expect to overcharge by up to 5 points on each, however this requires that I make higher quality gems to protect your property. This is where my time and your money begin to add up quickly.

    Overview of Rates and Services (UPDATED):

    Single gem, or non-overcharged item orders are priced according to type of gem. The following chart lists the per gem rates; there is an additional charge for imbuing the gems onto your item(s).
    I will not use any 94/95 quality gems to overcharge even a single point, and any necessary remakes will be charged at 50% of the below rates, or 100% if you would like to keep the low quality gems for some reason.

    Average Cost Per Gem
    No Overcharge, Random Quality Gems
    Raw Uncut Rough Flawed Imperfect Polished Faceted Precious Flawless Perfect
    1g 1g 3g 5g 8g 20g 28g 40g 52g


  • NOTICE: Below is the Suggested Retail Price for my services

    ALL Orders with 5.5 or Less Overcharge

    Overcharge Single Item Additional Items
    4-5.5 OC 350GP 300GP
    3 OC 250GP 200GP
    0-2 OC 150 100

    Gems for lower level armor cost the same as gems for level 50 Masterpiece so PLZ DO NOT ASK ME WHY BG3 cost what it Does, ask MYTHIC... I don't recommend overcharging low level armor due to the costs involved, but it's your money, if you want to spend it, I'll be happy to take it.

    Chandee's Specific Orders:

    ALL transactions with Chandee will be finalized at HER appointed time and place.
    (Main Cities are possible, with the exception of Goth) Monday-Saturday: 7AM-11PM MST

    ALL orders will be delivered the very next day earliest after receiving Email order!

    Small orders (8 gems or less, or non-overcharge orders), I can take at any time, but please do not expect me to interrupt my gameplay for your job. Feel free to ask in game, and I will assist you if I am able. Larger orders I do on on my own free time. These times vary, and I will let you know if there is some reason I can't do your order in a timely fashion. If you absolutely have to have your job done right now, bribery is an accepted means of convincing.

    Interacting with Your Needs:

    If you are unsure how to set up your armor, I strongly recommend using Leladia's Spellcrafting Calculator. This tool will help you determine your maximum stats and provide a list that I can work from.

    Building your config is the best thing you can do to understand your needs and abilities in the game. If you choose not to take advantage of this, I can do your config for you. This service will cost 500g. In order to do this, you must email me the complete and accurate stats of your jewelry items and any armor/weapons you want to continue to use.

    If you need help learning how to use the SC Calc, I recommend visiting this excellent tutorial by Yelm.

    Tips and Hints:

  • Never use your items before presenting them for spellcrafting!
  • I have an enchanter you can use at the housing discount (25%)! Ask me about this service when you get your work done.
  • If your order consists of some +5 and some lower overcharging, put the +5 on lower cost items (gloves, boots), and your lower OC's on the more expensive items (breastplate, helm, leggings). If I see an opportunity to do this, I will suggest it before I imbue your items - let me know if there is some specific reason you do not want this.

    Assembling Your Order:

    Once you have your configuration determined, you can email the configuration report and the .SCC file generated by Leladia's Calculator to
  • Chandee:
    Please provide a valid email address, your in game name, and when you would like the work to be done. Since it takes literally HOURS to do a full job, I do the bulk of my spellcrafting on on my own special time. If you absolutely cannot wait, find someone else, or expect to be charged accordingly.
  • Respect your crafters:

    I charge a fair price, and do not charge much for my time. I do accept tips with pleasure, but certainly do not insist on them. I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 25p invested in my skill, and for the most part, I enjoy helping people maximize their potential. I have not yet had a truly bad experience with anyone, please don't be the first.

    If you are rude to myself, or other crafters that I associate with, I reserve the right not to accept your order.

    Thank you!

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