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- Big Poppa Pump (WWE Best World Champion EVER)
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BPP's Hitlist: Kurt Angle (1x), The Rock (1x), Steve Austin (2x), Chris Jericho (1x), Kane (1x), Chris Benoit
Next Match: Chris Benoit Vs. Big Poppa Pump
Current Record: 5-0-0
Accomplishments: WWF Champion (Current), Slammy Award Winner (1x), Appeared on Byte This (1x), Won 3 PPV Main Events, Undefeated, Longest WWF Title Reign
Wrestlers Used: Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner, Trish Stratus, and Stephanie Bellars
Wrestlers Mentioned: Chris Benoit, Triple H
- Forward -

Well Raw is War was a huge hit! I'll give this match to Benoit and Rock they earned it. What an event we saw on Raw where we actually saw Chris jericho get defeated on Raw!! Sorry Jericho had to say that. Anyway Scott Steiner is out to seek revenge on Chris Benoit and he will get it when he faces him one on one at Raw is War in a non-title match. Scott is looking pumped up and is ready to take Chris Benoit head on. But will Scott has some friends back him up when DX comes out to interfere? We'll just have to find out on Raw is War live this monday on TNN!!

- Scene -

The scene opens up with all the fans screaming and yelling as wCw Nitro goes off with a bang. All the pyros start shooting up and the lights all flicker as the lights turn on to reveal the wcw nitro stage. The fans all hold up their signs as the fans get ready for a night of great impact. The titan tron cuts to the back where "Big Poppa Pump" is walking down the hall way. He walks through the locker room facility as he runs into Trish Stratus. Trish smiles as she says hi to him.

'Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner: Oh Yeah I know. Hey I'm glad we settled our differences I mean it's not like everyday I say I'm sorry for the shit that I do to other people ya know.

Trish Stratus: Yeah well I am glad we arem talking. So anyway are you in a match for Raw is War? I got a match against Chris Jericho and Meat for the European Title. I hope to become the first woman European Champion ever.

'Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner: Yeah maybe you will. I mean you kicked the shit out of Chris Jericho. That was funny I never laughed so hard in all my life and whats gay is he walks around like it never happened. He's such a bitch now. i cant believe I ever let that guy join the nWo. His career here has really gone down the toilit.

Trish Stratus: Oh I know! Well I beat him before and tonight... I am gonna do it again. And I will take more pleasure beating him this time then I did the last time i faced him. And whose this other guy?? Meat or whatever? Does this guy even have a social life? I mean I have never even heard of him!

'Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner: Personally I dont even know the guy and I dont care about jobbers like him anyway but you bet your ass that you'll beat the both of them tonight on raw. I gurentee it. So I hear your gonna be in playboy? You gonna show everypne your goods??

Scott laughs

Trish Stratus: It looks like I just might do that Scott. Playboy is going to be a huuge oppertunity for me so yeah I'll probably be doing a couple of shoots for Playboy. Well I gotta go but I'll catch up with you later ok??

'Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner: Yeah alright I'll talk to you later. I gotta go do some promos anyway.

Scott walks away as Trish heads the other way. Scott walks down the halls as he walks to Stephanie Bellars locker room. Scott knocks first and then alks in to see Stephanie with some ice over her head laying down. Scott shrugs his shoulders as he walks in and closes the door. he sits down next to her as she turns her head.

'Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner: Hey Stephanie.. I saw what happend to you when I left the ring. I did'nt know that as gonna happen. if I would have known I would have went back down there but dont listen to that bitch J.R. he doesnt know what the hell he is talkin about. I would'nt have anybody hit you.

Stephanie Bellars: Nah it's ok but you should really listen to what I say by not screwing with Shane. You have no idea what he can do to you Scott. If you fuck with him he will make your life miserable.

'Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner: Yeah right. If he fucks with me I'll make his life a living hell. I'll beat the shit out of him if he ever tries to screw with me! So dont bother preeching to me about Shane McMahon anymore. Plus why you wanna defend him anyway he's a loser.

Stephanie Bellars: He's my boyfriend and I love him alot. At least he tells me he loves me unlike you did when we were together.. He actually respects the decisions I make.

'Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner: Oh my god dont get started on this bullshit I dont wanna hear it. I've got too many things to be worrying about in the WWF. Keeping this WWE Title and defending it against that canadian prick Chris Benoit. He actually thinks he can take this title from me. Well too bad this match isnt for the title because I would kick his ass even harder if it was for the title. So hey do you have a match on Raw??

Stephanie Bellars: Yeah I do. I have a match against Molly Holly. That bitch thinks she is gonna pick up the win? Yeah right I am gonna get started back on winning and I am gonna get back that women's title. Knowing her she'll probably try and have her big boyfriend Triple H to come and try help her win the match. I'ma start calling her Dirty Molly instead of wholesome Molly. Because she fights Dirty. I dont even think she ever wins fights on her own.

'Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner: Well I dont give two shits about Molly it's Triple H that pisses me off. God if that guy sticks his huuge nose in my business again I will make it my business to kick the shit out of him. If he fucks with me I'll beat his ass. Ya know triple H talks alot of shit. He must have had crap for breakfast.

Stephanie Bellars: That's pretty funny yeah I'm not a fan of DX either well hey I gotta take a shower so I gotta go. I'll talk to you later though.

Scott gets up as does Stephanie as she walks into the bathroom. Scott walks out the door as he heads toward the ring. The scene fades to a commercial

10 minutes Later

The scene opens up inside the WWF arena, just days away from WWF/wCw Invasion. Hundreds of fans have gathered inside, just seeing the various superstars come out and give promo's, much to the delight to the fans. It's a normal setting, minus the commentators, minus the lights, and minus the thousands of fans, just five hundred or so accomodate. They've all been pleased with what they've seen so far, a fair few superstars have taken the time to walk out, say something about the upcoming WWF PPV, and leave, making the smallish crowd a buzz. WWF banners hang all over the place, and while most of the fans won't be able to attend, as Raw is War was sold out weeks ago, however this is just something to give them before hand. The small mini titantron comes on as fans will soon know who it is... All of a sudden Sirens are heard all over the arena as the fans start to go crazy!!! The Sound of Scott Steiner's music blasts out loudly over the PA system as all the fans scream and yell, making the vast amount of fans rise to their feet. The fans are now starting to boo at the top of their lungs as Scott Steiner is not the fan favorite here in the WWF. The crowd still rise to their feet, chanting and cheering some more, along with the music. 'The Big Bad Booty Daddy' Scott Steiner appears on the front of the ramp wearing his usual attire, his head chain with a pair of his trademark sun glasses and a pair of black jeans and his WWF Championship around his waiste, he stares out into the fan section, as small as it may be they're all extremely vocal. He stands on the top of the ramp with Eric Bischoff by his side.. Then He raises his arm to a huge array of boos and flexes his huge muscles, he holds the pose and then kisses his arm, and starts to walk swiftly down the rampway. He walks down slowly as the fans who have pushed their way to the front row.. Steiner walks down the ramp as some fans start yelling at him.. Steiner does his trademark sign with his arm and tells them to "Fuck Off!". Steiner continues to walk to the ring as he approaches the stair case. He lets Bischoff walk up the stairs first as she climbs in and then Steiner walks up after her.. Steiner climbs into the ring as he walks slowly over to the turnbuckle and climbs on it.. He gets on the ropes and begins to flex his huge muscles as the fans start booing but the ladies ofcourse yelling at him.. He climbs off the rope and walks up to Lilian Garcia and grabs the microphone from her, Scott paces the ring a little bit as he takes off his WWF Championship belt and hands it to Bischoff.. Bischoff grabs the belt and puts it over her shoulder as Scott attempts to talk.. As soon as Steiner is about to talk the fans interupt him.. With chants of "Asshole".. Steiner just shakes his head as he try's to talk over the screaming fans..

'Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner: It's a suprise how many dumb ass people there are out there! You know when you live in a town like this one you cant expect the people to be completly smart are have grade point averages to be over 2.0! You know it's funny that people like Triple H alk around here thinking their something special because their the leader of a group who got played out 4 years ago! The Fans all Boo Yeah you all know what Big Poppa Pump is talkin about. D-Generation X. Each and every one of you losers can go to hell!!! You know DX I could easily take every one of you out with one hand tied behind my back. I could easily make everyone of you my bithces! The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Lita, Molly Holly and Torrie Wilson. I could beat you all. You all are a bunch of hicks and I am going to enjoy kicking the shit out of each and every one of you. Now I have another hitlist. You think the other was bad? Wait till you see this one. It has every member of DX on it starting with their leader Triple H. Triple H I will glady defend this title. Scott holds his belt up Against you! After I kick the shit out of Chris Benit I will defend this title against you and make your life a living hell! Dont worry Hunter after it's all said and done and The Big Bad Booty Daddy has beaten Benoit and you I will have sucessfully beaten every opponent there is to be beat in this federation. As far as I'm concerned I am the WWE Leader! I rule the WWE. Not Rock or anybody else here can say so other wise until they take me down! Until I collapse you guys wont be able to phase me. Not Triple H or Benoit. None of those little bastards! Triple H I got something for you to suck. How bout a set of balls since you oviously dont have any!! And you know whats funny Hunter!! It took you half an hour to get the job done with Molly! Hey did she even feel it when you stuck it to her Hunter?? The fans all cheer and laugh Hunter tell us the truth now. We all know why you are pissed off half the time. It's because you probably have the smallest ego out of everyone in the WWE! So when you feel you can bring The Game to Big Poppa Pump you go ahead and do it because you are waaaay outta your league son! And Molly if you want a real man you know where The Big Bad Booty Daddy is at! And remember when The Big Bad Booty Daddy is on top I always keep it tight!! So wish for Somethin Nice.. AND I'LL MAKE YA SCREAM TWICE!!!

The women in the crowd all go crazy as the WWE Champion is making the fans go nuts. Scott walks over to the middle rope and leans on it as he hands his belt to Midajah. Midajah puts it over her shoulder.

'Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner: Now on to that one tooth queer. Chris Benoit. Chris I dont know what the hell you ae smoking. Thinking your gonna beat me? Hell Just like that magazine says boy. You will be just another victim thrown at Scott Steiner at King of The Rign and there wont be a shadow of a doubt that I wont beat you. Hell everybody knows what I am capable of. Everybody knows that I am going to beat your ass in the middle of this ring and everybody knows that there aint a single guy in this federation that can beat someone with the caliber of The Man of Steel baby!! Steiner smiles as the crowd begins to cheer him on You think your gonna tear me limb from limb Benoit? Do you really think you have the chance of snapping my neck with your little homosexual submission? Listen up son I am going to put you into The most feared submission of all time! The Steiner Recliner! I have made men tap from that sort of abuse! I have made Hollywood Hogan tap to me. I have made Booker T. tap to me. I have made Kane Tap to me, I have made Stone Cold Steve Austin tap to me and after tonight you will be another victim to The Steiner Recliner!!! You will beg for me to spare you Benoit!! Benoit I am The Genetic Freak! I am the Invincible! I am a man that your mommy told you stories about late at night when you were a little kid! And after Raw I am going to make you just another freak of mine!!! The Fans all cheer because they dont like Chris Benoit You know the fans here arent half bad because they can see trash like Chris Benoit. trash that think they can beat my ass? I have gone 5 matches in a row and there hasnt been anybody in the WWE that cane phase me!! Tonight Benoit you will know defeat. You will know pain and suffering when I lock you into The Steiner Recliner!! Chris Benoit you will feel the burn just like I did to Kane when he last faced me! You are gonna get the beating of your life. Worse than anything you ever faced before. You will know what it is to be humiliated!!

The fans all start cheering as Scott leans off the rope and starts pacing around the ring as he begins to speak again.

'Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner: Ya know honestly Benoit I think you are a joke! I think that the way you trained is a joke. The Hart Family can kiss my ass!! Stu Hart, Bret Hart, Hell even Bret Hart's mom that old bag can kiss my ass too!! If I ever saw that woman I would bitch slap her all the way back to The Hart Dungon!! Chris you think your all big and bad because you are The Canadian Crippler? Well last time I checked Canada was a second rate Country and they aint even a real one anyway. You know the movie South Park Bigger, Longer, and Uncut? Well they were right! And they were right to put you all in death camps because that's where you losers belong! And you know Benoit I could wreslte circles around your puny little ass! You could'nt even technically wrestle your way out of a paper bag you little bitch! You just wait for Raw to come because instead of you giving me a taste of what your gonna do to me at King of the Ring?? I am going to give you a dose of what will happen to you at King of The Ring. You will find out the hard way on how hard your ass can be beat when you are wreslting Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner. And I will show you what it's like to wrestle a Genetic Freak! Benoit just like that bitch sable I will not hesistate but to kick her ass to if she decides to get involved in our match! if she sticks her old ass in our business she will get it whooped and there wont be a damn thing you can do about it because you be down on the ground crying in pain like the little bitch that you are!! So dont test me benoit because I am not just a man. I am a machine! A machine that cannot be stopped or delt with! Nobody has ever beaten me before and they wont do it ever as long as my heart is still pumping! What can you do Benoit besides run away like the little woman that you are. Benoit you are my bitch! I say blow and you say how hard!?! I tell you to clean the dishes and that's what you do. You pick up the dishes when I tell you to. You are just like my bitch and I am going to take you out come Monday and Sunday I will do it again. I will make it so that you cant even walk anymore without having assistance. I will put you on life support when I am through with you. Medical doctors will see you and they will shreik in fear on what they see. You wont even be able to walk down the street without a woman seeing mommy what the hell is that!!! You will know what suffering is when I get done with you Chris Benoit! Benoit I hope your watching this because when you see what I do to you when you see the scars I leave on you. You will see my face and all the pain I put you through! Whenever you look at your ass in the mirror you will see a foot print and it is going to remind of of The Genetic Freak Scott Steiner! Benoit just like all the others you will find out how hard you can be pushed and theres no doubt it will be a brawl. But at the end Big Poppa Pump is gonna come out the winner and still the WWE Champion of the world!! So you better recongize the skills Benoit. Now without further adue. This Goes to all My Freaks and Hoochies Out There..


The fans start to scream as some of the fans boo. Mostly all the fans boo.. Scott Steiner's music plays while added sirens are played in the back and on the WWF-Tron, you see people getting beat up by the police, a video Scott Steiner put together himself. Scott Steiner throws down the microphone as Lilian Garcia slides in and picks the microphone up and quickly enters by being afraid of Scott. He leaves through the second rope and he holds open the rope for eZe and he picks him up and puts him on the ground and he jumps off the apron. He walks up the ring ramp as even more fans throw trash and throw him dirty looks he continues to walk up the ramp as all the fans keep yelling at him. He walks up the ramp with eZe as they dissopear behind the curtain..

The scene comes back where Scott is walking back through the halls. He see's Terri walking towards him as he smiles. He walks up to Terri and grabs her by the waiste as she smiles and starts to put her arms around him.

'Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner: Hey Baby whas up??

'The Horney She Devil' Terri: Hey Scott. I've been aiting for you to come back here for a while. You know you should stop spending all that time with those other women and start spedning time with me.

Scott leans his head in and gives Terri a kiss on the lips.

'Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner: Yeah well maybe you should stop spending time with those retards Booker T and Test and start paying attention to your man.

'The Horney She Devil' Terri: Awww. You want attention?? Hmm well maybe if you come with me later you'll recieve some special attention..

'Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner: Oh you sure Jackie wont mind? I mean after all she's always around you. I'm not even so sure she likes men. I mean does she even have a boyfriend??

'The Horney She Devil' Terri: Well no she's not a lesbian she does like guys it's just the right one hasnt come for her yet. Theres plenty of men out there anyway. So hows it goin with your match and everything??

'Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner: Oh it's going alright I mean all I gotta do is bat the crap out of Chris Benoit and I will retain my title. ofcourse I have to beat him also at Raw so it wont make any difference whether I beat him here or there. When are you going to have some matches babe??

'The Horney She Devil' Terri: Well I dunno if I'm gonna have any matches I am just stickin to managing for the time being like being in you Jackie Test and Booker's corner.. And I know your upset with me managing everyone..

'Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner: You got no idea how I feel. I mean come on you managing three other people. That means I dont get the attention I want..

'The Horney She Devil' Terri: Awww. Would You like some special attention??? Well. Come with me I wanna show you something..

Terri leads Scott into her locker room as the scene fades to a commercial