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- Big Poppa Pump (WWE Best World Champion EVER)
..:( Disclaimer ):..
BPP's Hitlist: Kurt Angle (1x), The Rock (1x), Steve Austin (2x), Chris Jericho (1x), Kane (1x), Chris Benoit(1x)
Next Match: Chris Benoit Vs. Big Poppa Pump (World Title)
Current Record: 6-0-0
Accomplishments: WWF Champion (Current), Slammy Award Winner (1x), Appeared on Byte This (1x), Won 3 PPV Main Events, Undefeated, Longest WWF Title Reign
Wrestlers Used: Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner, Trish Stratus, and Terri
Wrestlers Mentioned: Chris Benoit
- Forward -

Well Raw is War was a good card!! It had very great matches but the best match was Chris Benoit versus Big Poppa Pump and the winner undoubtly was Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner. Scott did what he said and beat the living hell out of Chris Benoit almost killing Chris Benoit with that pile driver at the end of the match and Scott did'nt need anybody's help this time he finished off Benoit and he will do the exact same thing this Sunday at King of the Ring. Scott is in no training or anything he has seen Benoit in action and already knows that Benoit cant beat him. King of The Ring will be some card because we will also see who gets a shot at Scott Steiner for his WWE Championship. Who will it be? Well we all know for sure Scott Steiner will be coming out the winner at King of The Ring!!

The scene opens up with all the fans screaming and yelling as wCw Nitro goes off with a bang. All the pyros start shooting up and the lights all flicker as the lights turn on to reveal the wcw nitro stage. The fans all hold up their signs as the fans get ready for a night of great impact. The titan tron cuts to the back where "Big Poppa Pump" is walking down the hall with Midajah. They are speaking about his match with Chris Benoit.

'BPP's Numba 1 Freak' Midajah: Well Scott you are looking really good and you looked pumped up for this match. There will be no chance in hell Chris Benoit can beat you. I know your gonna do this. hell you beat his ass last week on raw and you can do it again now. So Champ how are you feeling??

'Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner: How do you think I'm feelin? I'm feeling good I know I can beat Benoit now. I know I can kick his ass. he seems to think by beating me it will be doing everybody a favor. That's a bunch of bullshit. He wont be doing anybody a favor once I'm done with that weak piece of shit.

'BPP's Numba 1 Freak' Midajah: Yeah I know he's weak. I mean did you see him wrestling in the ring? Maybe he should retire after you beat his ass. he is clearly too slow for you to handle. I mean your actually use to being challenged. They call this a challenge? This is embarrassing! You should not even be defedning this title against him? I mean did he even earn his shot at the title? You did we all know that but Chris Benoit did'nt he is a joke!

'Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner: Hell Yeah this is a fucking joke. I'm pretty pissed off too knowing that Vince McMahon put me in a match again with this fucking loser. he really needs to get a life. Oh Benoit looks to be kissing Vinnie's ass so I know that's why he got the title shot but instead I am going to take this fight and shove it up Vince's ass! After I kick Benoit's ass again I will beat Vince's.

'BPP's Numba 1 Freak' Midajah: Hey you should do that. I mean Vince McMahon is the one trying to make you lose the title by putting you up against all these people. They dont even deserve to breathe the same air as you Scott. You are going to crush Chris Benoit into the ground!

'Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner: Yeah I'll make this beating last even longer than the other one did. This time since I know all of Chris Benoit's weakness's in the ring I will capitalize on them and I will take advantage. He has no idea how much shit he has gotten into.

'BPP's Numba 1 Freak' Midajah: And if that old bitch sable gets involved in this match then I will take her out. Hell me and Shakira will take her out. We'll both acompany you ringside to this match and make sure nothing goes wrong. I mean we can back you up 100%. So what do you think Benoit is gonna do in this match?

'Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner: Oh shit I dunno he'll probably put his gay crippler crossface on me or try but the last time he did that I got out of it and put it on him so I dont think it will be wise for him to even try doing that shit with me or I'll beat his ass even harder.

'BPP's Numba 1 Freak' Midajah: Yeah but I bet he has someone like Triple H come down to the ring to try and cost you the match. triple H cant keep his huge nose out of anybody's business. he needs to learn to shut his trap before you put your foot in it right Scott??

'Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner: Damn Right Midajah if Triple H decides to wanna play his dumb ass games with me I will knock his ass out. And I wont be playing I will knock his ass out so hard his dumb ass girlfriend wont be able to recongize him they can both be fucking hideous together.

'BPP's Numba 1 Freak' Midajah: Yeah I know their such an ugly couple they should put their pictures on ugly now that's a FUNNY website. They should go to it one time I'm sure they'd enjoy it. So should benoit and Sable. go to yeah that should be a real wesbite. Rena Mero is like 50 years old and she still thinks she can wrestle. That is soo gross!!

'Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner: Shit Midajah dont even get started on that crap that is disgusting. Sable's old wrinkled Cuchi. jesus christ that is so gross and her wrinkled tits i mean she's probably worse than Mae Young. God. I am just going to put an end to all of this shit. I will put an end to Benoit and then his old bitch Sable.

'BPP's Numba 1 Freak' Midajah: Good they need to be put down. I mean them just walking around here just makes me sick to my stomache. You should definatley beat the shit out of Chris Benoit on Sunday Night. And I cant wait for Sable to get involved! I will beat her ass to the ground. Sure she has had waaay mor expirence than I have in wrestling. Like 10 years but it's alright I will beat her ass as well.

Midajah and Scott alk down the hall as they approach their locker room. They walk in the door as a knock comes. Mene gene walks in thru the door as he looks at Scott and then Midajah. He asks for an interview as Scott and Midajah agree.

'Mene' Gene Okerlund: hello Big Poppa Pump it has been a while before we have spoken and actually got anj interview. How have you been feeling as of late??

'Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner: Gene how the hell do You think I am feeling? I am fucking pissed off that I have to fight a jobber like Chris Benoit. That no talent prick doesnt have shit on me and he wants to walk and talk like he's some huge thing! But he's nothing but white trash he makes white people look bad! So to answer how I'm feeling. I'm pretty damn upset.

'Mene' Gene Okerlund: That's too bad Scott. Well you are certainly looking good for your match up. What are your thoughts about Chris Benoit in this match up?

'Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner: I feel confident Gene because not only am I gonna make Chris Benoit bleed but I will hit him so hard his whole family is gonna bleed! I am going to beat the livin hell out of him so that he wont be able to talk shit about me anymore.

'Mene' Gene Okerlund: Well Scott for once in your life you actually beat a man fairly. You almost ended his career with that piledriver last monday night on Raw, do you have any comments on that subject?

'Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner: Yeah I did beat him fairly because he has no talent and with that piledriver I wish I had ended his career! I wish I had broke him into tiny pieces. I am gonna end his career on Sunday with an even worse move and you will all see it because it will be the last night Chris Benoit breathes without life support!