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Better Way

by Shelby

In this great world of ours,
Thousands of years ago.
We was given a star,
Through out the lands it glowed.

Wasn't it said Jesus,
I know no specter of person.
He loves everyone,
On this I am certain.

Prejudice is a hateful word,
It has no limitations.
Do we even realize,
The mistakes we are makin'.

Is it fair to pick our friends,
For the color of there skin.
Cause what their money can buy,
Or the shape their body in.

Do we look deep inside,
With a loving smile.
Wipe the tears that they cry,
Go that extra mile.

Or do we turn our backs,
Just simply walk away.
Wonder what Christ will do,
On judgment day.

So many hearts are broken,
Each and every day.
From ugly words spoken,
There got to be a better way.

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