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by Shelby

Using the letters in the alphabet,
To make words and rhymes.
Words about love and affection,
When two lives becomes entwined.

A-is for the way I ADORE you,
B-is for I will always BE there.
C-is for the way you CHARM me,
D-is for no DOUBT you care.

E-is for the ECSTASY you give me,
F-is for the way you make me FEEL.
G-is for your GENTLE kindness,
H-is for the HAPPINESS I can't conceal.

I-is for your INTEGRITY,
J-is for the JOY that fills my heart.
K-is for your loving KISSES,
L-is for your LOVE, the best part.

M-is for being such a wonderful MAN,
N-is for the way you always NEED me.
O-is for your OPENNESS,
P-is for how you live life PASSIONATELY.

Q-is for you QUALITY outstanding,
R-is for the RAPTURED bliss.
S-is for you SENSUOUSNESS,
T-is for your TOUCH I can't resist.

U-is for UNDYING devotion,
V-is for your VULNERABILITY.
W-is for the way you WANT me,
X-is for your X-RATED capability.

Y-is for your YEARNING desire,
Z-is for the ZANY things you do.
And I thank the Lord everyday,
For I feel blessed to have you.

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