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She Matters

by Shelby

The little girl,
Stood in the corner all alone.
Tears streaming down her face,
She prayed to belong.

Belong to someone who loved her,
Someone who would care.
Somewhere she knew she was wanted,
Maybe their love they would share.

She would go to bed afraid,
Afraid of the darkness of night.
The arguments would begin,
She was just to little to fight.

She knew she didn't matter,
She was no good to them at all.
She would always pray,
When she heard footstep in the hall.

As she grew older,
She became bitter and cold.
She kept their little secret,
Afraid if she was to of told.

Many of life's changes,
Has opened her eyes.
Her heart broken,
Now as she says her good-byes.

She has told herself,
Never will it happen again.
For she does matter,
She always mattered to Him.

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