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by Shelby

A broken finger nail,
Down into the quick.
She mumbles a few choice words,
And searches for something to kick.

Biting of the tongue,
And just not to keep quiet.
Until it get better,
She's swearing to a liquid diet.

Walking outside bare foot,
Stepping on a slug.
Feeling of being violated,
She's in need of a sedative drug.

Getting a bad hair cut,
End up looking like a Joe.
While waiting for it to grow out,
People refer to her as 'John' Doe.

That unexpected pimple,
Usually right on the chin.
One more person mentions it,
She'll notify their next of kin.

That time of the month,
No chocolate in the house.
If she ever find out who ate it,
That person in hot oil she want to douse.

Just a quick trip to the store,
Her attire is in a mess.
In and out before she's noticed,
Did someone say permanent press.

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