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Ode To Tantric

by Shelby

He says he's from Florida,
He own a big old boat.
With all the 'BS' he slings,
I know how his boat floats.

He calls himself Tantric,
I know not what that means.
Probably something very naughty,
Of course it might be something clean.
^(but I doubt it..lol).

He says he's eighty seven,
I think that's just a joke.
For he types very well,
To be an old goat.

Says he wears diapers,
And just turn them around.
He doesn't care who see the skid marks,
His favorite color is brown.

He has this old cat,
He named him Bud.
He took Bud for a car ride,
Now Bud no longer a stud.

He says he a cross dresser,
He likes wearing woman clothes.
But he says he's always naked,
Lord I don't really wanna know.

He say he has a inch,
Maybe two when its hard.
I heard he got arrested,
For dancing naked in a bar.

He will flirt with all the woman,
Well, he tries anyway.
He start talking about his dirty diapers,
And all the women run away.

He says he uses viagra,
Why, I have no idea.
What would be the difference,
An inch a woman would never feel.

He tries to get the ladies,
To come up to his attic.
But then his diaper slips down,
Then there goes the magic.

He always drink a milk shake,
The flavor I don't recall.
But knowing Tantric,
More then likely it against the law.

We all are taking up a collection,
Diapers we need to buy.
The odors of the used ones,
They bring tears to our eyes.

If you ever see this man,
And he wants a little chat.
Just remember,
He's an diaper wearing attic rat!.

LMAO....You know I love ya Tan.

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