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Seeds Of Love

by Shelby

Have you ever seen a watermelon vine,
And the way it spread across the ground.
Running here and there going every where,
With little white blossoms abound.

If you have the patience to wait,
A great reward you will find.
The sweetest taste sensation,
Growing on the end of every vine.

In the middle of summer,
When the weather turns really hot.
Something is needed to cool you down,
You can put them in the ice box.

You could always grow the seedless kind,
But where would all the fun be.
Don't you remember as a child,
The fun of spitting watermelon seeds.

Wonder if God want us to see,
Love is like the watermelon vine.
Having the sweet rewards of life,
If love is given the right amount of time.

Where heated anger arises,
You just got to cool it down.
You might be surprise to find,
Love is the best thing around.

If the joy starts to slip away,
And loving becomes tough.
Just like the watermelon seed,
Remove the anger your get the good stuff.

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