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by Shelby

Wishing on the first star at night,
To bring love and kindness.
Days full of joyous laughter,
And a trust that will bind us.

Throwing pennies down a well,
Wishing peace would come.
To fill hearts and souls,
Bring tranquillity to everyone.

Tossing coin in a fountain,
Wishing that all could see.
The beauty that surround us,
And how blessed one can be.

Wishing upon a fallen star,
To be a little less demanding.
For the ability to forgive,
Become a bit more understanding.

Wishing on the rainbow,
And looking for that pot of gold.
Hope the treasure of life,
Can never be bought or sold.

Candles on a birthday cake,
A wish that is never told.
But this wish I give to you,
More love then a heart can hold.

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