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Smiple Things

by Shelby

Clean fresh linen,
Blowing in the summer winds.
Fluffy white character clouds,
Songs that the Mocking bird sings.

Patter of falling raindrops,
Thunder rolling across the shy.
Scouring for that four leaf clover,
Observing the elusive butterfly.

Splendid array of many colors.
When pretty flowers are in bloom.
Squirrels dancing through the trees,
Honeysuckle's, releasing it sweet perfume.

October's crisp autumn breezes,
Bringing fall's many treasures.
Leaves of gold, brown, and red,
Simples things contains life's treasures.

Soft snow on a harsh winter day,
Ground covered with a virgin white.
Aroma from a fire warmth,
Christmas, sanctified Holy Night.

Laugher in the eyes of a child,
Baby kittens, and speckled pups.
Favorite songs on the radio,
Coffee to refill many cups.

A book you want to read again,
Movies that makes you cry.
A kiss, a hug, a friendly smile,
I'll see you again, good bye.

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