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Denying Emotions

by Shelby

How do emotionally wounds heal,
If you never admit how you feel.
Anger reminds an outward expression,
For an empty void left unfilled.

If my voice trembles,
With emotion when I speak.
Revealing my fear and insecurities,
Does this mean my heart is weak.

My tear tell me when I cry,
There is overwhelming heartache.
Anguish has been etched upon my heart.
Can't fully forgive what I cannot face.

Bitterness reveals a sour spirit,
Leaving frustrating despair within.
Failure to recognize something wrong,
At the very core of ones being.

If I fail to acknowledge the offence,
The offended is never forgiven.
Denying emotions will never bring peace,
And that's one hell of a life to be liven.

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