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by Shelby

It has not been a very good day,
Things never seem to go my way.
My heads was throbbing when I woke up,
I dropped and broke my favorite cup.

The sun was shinning a little to bright,
Radiating beam destroy completely my sight.
I stubbed my toe on the kitchen table leg,
That dang frying pan burnt my egg.

My cigarette lighter had ran dry,
Which brought a tear to my eye.
The phone was ringing off the wall,
Back to bed I wanted to crawl.

I had a doctor appointment at ten,
And I didn't wanna be late again.
To the shower I need to go,
My body was moving way to slow.

Finally dressed and out the door,
The sun was gone, rain started to pour.
I know that I should not swear,
But the tire was flat, I had no spare,

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