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Christmas With You

by Shelby

Christmas time is near,
Have so many things to do.
The cooking, the shopping,
What gifts to give who.

The tree has be bought,
But still needs to be trimed.
There is present to wrap,
Wanting to find that special gift for him.

With a heart full of love,
For family and friends.
They have a twinkle in their eyes,
As they drop in.

Pretty paper and ribbons,
Fills the entire room.
The aroma of the tree,
Its christmas prefume.

Sweet soft tender kisses,
Under the mistletoe.
Holding each other close,
Candles cast a romantic glow.

Snuggled on the couch,
This christmas eve.
With the one I love,
No place I'd rather be.

Wish you a Merry Christmas,
I love you with all my heart.
Happiness for the New Year,
May our love never part.

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