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Ode To Moo Moo

by Shelby

He was a little thing,
The day he came to stay.
The moment I saw him,
My heart he stole that day.

When I saw him,
A smile did appear.
Big brown eyes,
Little floppy ears.

The days went by,
Over months he grew.
He became my friend,
Tried and true.

He became my protector,
Heard every little sound.
Would always warn me,
When a stranger came around.

Some how he knew,
The days I was sad.
Prancing and pouncing,
My day wasn't as bad.

People were scared of him,
Because of his size.
He had a loving heart,
People were surprised.

One day he went out,
Never to return.
Oh how I cried,
My heart for him yearned.

The day I found him,
His body cold as clay.
My tears falling,
Heart in disarray.

I buried him,
In a shallow little grave.
I learn that day,
How love can be taken away.

Dear Lord,
Dog heaven I really don't believe.
But in my heart I know
Your taking care of Moo for me.

I Miss You Moo Moo

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