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Memories Of The Past

by Shelby

Looking through old photographs,
Remembering memories from the past.
People, places, family, and friends,
Precious memories that will always last.

Recollecting that first love,
Wondering where the innocents went.
Giving him that valentine,
Recalling the embarrassment.

Reminders of how curious I was,
From pictures of a christmas tree.
Was there really a Santa Claus?
I really did believe.

Photos of that pup and me,
Best friends we had became.
The day he got left behind,
My face press against the car window pane.

Fond memories of a child,
Pictures spread across the bed.
Afraid to remember, afraid to forget.
So many life chapters were left unread.

Umpteen photographs of moments in time.
Placed in a box, back on the shelve.
A boxful of life's memories,
Absolutely necessary in search of ones self.

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