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I Believe

by Shelby

They are so many that don't believe,
That God really exist.
To many unanswered questions,
How can we explain this?

In the morning hours,
Right after dawn
. You can hear the birds singing,
Their sweet love songs.

Tree standing tall,
Flowers galore.
Sun high in the sky,
Hear the ocean roar.

Soft breeze fill the air,
A butterfly passes by.
Magic on a young child face,
A new born baby first cries.

The moon in all it splendor,
Stars like little lights in the sky.
Is this done by mortal man?
Don't think he could, even if he tried.

They say God doesn't exist,
A fable pass down from long ago.
Just another myth?
Well in my heart I know.

The feeling of peace,
When I kneel to pray.
Feeling of belonging,
Strength to make another day.

When I need Him,
He is always there.
To comfort and guide me,
A special bond we share.

If God doesn't exist,
And there no heaven above.
I have only one question.
Who taught us to love?

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