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Inner Scars

by Shelby

So tired of being alone,
No one to call my own.
No arms to hold me tight,
No lips to kiss goodnight.

Tired of the make believe,
Believing someone could love me.
To much heartache, to much pain,
Nothing to win, nor nothing to gain.

This crazy heart of mine,
Its been broken so many times.
Leaving scars that cut the inter core,
I give up, I will love no more.

I've given my love willingly and free,
Finally realize that no one wants me.
So my loneliness I will conceal,
I'll live my life, forgetting how to feel.

Wishes and dreams, that's all they were,
One day your memory will become a blur.
I'll forget your gentle smile,
Forget you loved me for a while.

Senseless thinking of what could of been,
A lover, soulmate, my best friend.
Love I wish one day you'll find,
Hope the world treats you kind.

I will say good bye, shed no tears,
In my heart I will always hold you near.
When night time falls and no one is around,
I still love you, my tears pour down.

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