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Little Angel

by Shelby

He left me a rose,
An a note to explain.
Said he was leaving,
Never to come back again.

As I read the note,
My tears fell like rain.
I never realize,
I never knew such pain.

My heart is broken,
I am so sad.
But you made life my great,
You're the best child anyone could of ever had.

The note said he would be going,
To a home far away.
Only be misery left here,
If he would of stayed.

Don't worry about me,
I'm gonna be ok.
In God's hands,
Where I'll spend my days.

You have known I was sick,
I couldn't even play.
I grew weaker,
Day after day.

God, He open the door,
He welcomed me as His child.
Mom if you seen the angels,
I know you would smile.

I even saw grandma,
I sat upon her knee.
We walked around heaven,
Together and free.

Free from the hurt,
Now happy, filled with joy.
My unhealthy body,
God did restore.

Mom I know you cry,
Your missing me so much.
But I'm in Gods hands,
In Him Mom you can trust.

I have to say good-bye now,
I really have to go.
I miss you too Mom,
I love you so.

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