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The Voice

by Shelby

As I walked in the garden,
One cold winter day.
Old memories filled my mind,
And I knelt to pray.

Heard someone calling me,
In a voice soft and sweet.
Thought I must be dreaming,
And I rose in defeat.

Even God wouldn't hear my prayers,
Now where do I turn?
Then the voice spoke to me,
My child your no longer yearn.

See the rose I have place here.
My eyes could not believe.
A beautiful rose growing here,
Among the fallen leaves.

Dew drops upon the rose,
They glimmered in the sun.
He said, those are tears I've cried,
For many battles you have won.

I was here both day and night,
To watch over you.
I see the pain you keep inside,
All the heartache you been through.

But the sun will come,
The dew drops will dry.
And this rose,
It will wither and die.

But when battles lie before you,
The rose will appear again.
Just as a reminder,
Together, the battles we will win.

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