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by Shelby

My little angel,
Born that November day.
Such a beautiful child,
I bowed my head to pray.

Thank You Lord,
That's all I could say.
Thank You Lord,
A blessing You gave me that day.

I've watch my angel,
Oh how the years flew.
Into a young lady,
My little angel grew.

Now she is to marry,
She has found that special love.
The man to spend her life with,
Another blessing from God above.

I will watch her,
As she walks down the aisle.
I will wipe away my tears,
Seeing my angel smile.

One day,
She'll have a angel of her own.
May God grant her happiness,
Like the happiness I have known.

My love will never change,
My little angel she'll always be.
I'll be there when she need me,
For my love is guaranteed.

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