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The Old Man

by Shelby

The old man sat alone,
He had this gleam in his eyes.
I couldn't help myself,
I had to ask why.

He gentle face looked up at me,
A face where age has appeared.
As I listen, his story he told,
I couldn't hold back my tears.

Life on this earth will soon be over,
I have only one regret.
I didn't say I love you,
To her, when we met.

I took life and love for granted,
Never seemed to have the time.
Always busy working,
Trying to make that extra dime.

She was a beauty,
Her hair shined like gold.
In her deep blue eyes,
A man could lose his soul.

Never ask her to marry,
Or my children to bare.
I never once told her,
How much I really cared.

Then a smile came upon his face,
I did not understand.
For he was dying,
This old and lonely man.

I've loved her for sixty years,
She was twenty when she died.
The joy I will have seeing her,
When I reach the other side.

God had taken her to heaven,
Now she lives with Him.
Another flower for His garden,
Soon I will be with her again.

I kissed him on the cheek,
As I said my good bye.
There it was once again,
That gleam in his eyes.

I went back the next day,
To see the old man.
But he went for a walk in heaven,
I know she's holding his hand.

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