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by Shelby

Solitary thoughts in the dark,
Devoted to matters of the mind.
Unwilling because of skepticism,
A risk for love gets disinclined.

Showing lack of careful thought,
Unheeding the voice that speaks within.
Preparation for uncompleted heart,
That will stop remembering now and then.

As soon as the sentiments leave,
Memories will become less of a reminder.
Loss will be ability to recall past occurrences,
Plans for a future will no longer linger.

No more needing someone and nobody there,
With long nights that never seem to end.
Rejecting dreams full of fantasies,
No helpless longing about what might of been.

Tears from a lonely heart continue to fall,
The tears that will never dry.
Morning comes to be faced alone,
Consumed in grief as a soul dies.

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