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Remote Fever

by Shelby

Remote control fever,
Has taken over this land.
Show me just one male,
Without a remote in his hand.

If they misplace them,
They rant and rave.
You start thinking a remote,
Commands their brain waves.

Men will search for hours,
Looking for that thing.
If we refuse to help them,
A six day war it could bring.

Their fingers they never use,
To change the channels.
If they can't find their remotes,
The house they will dismantle.

For this remote epidemic,
There is no known cure.
Buying all the batteries,
Its gonna make us poor.

Isn't it a crying shame,
Men don't come with remotes.
Woman could program men,
Their life's to us they would devote.

With one push of a little button,
The trash would be taken to the curve.
No more sports on the television,
A wonderful purpose a remote like that would serve.

Men could mow the grass,
Clean the house and cook the meal.
Hand over all their moolah,
Such a man would be ideal.

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