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Gary's Poem

by Shelby ©

Nothing left for me but sorrow.
No hope or dreams of tomorrow.
Loneliness is a painful thing.
Only self doubt does it bring.

I talk to the Lord each night.
Pray life will end before morning light.
Must not be what Heís planned for me.
I canít help wondering what it could be.

I listen to my sisters every day.
Stories of theirs lives they portray.
I laugh and joke try to pretend.
But I hold the sadness deep within.

Comforting words I do not hear.
No one to protect me from my fears.
Iím full of self pity and despair.
So many obstacles everywhere.

I depended on him so much.
Iíll never again feel his loving touch.
No longer will his arms hold me tight,
Whispering everything gone be to all right.

My life has become an empty shell.
A place where only memories dwell.
Everything I hear and see.
Remind me of the way it use to be.

I miss him more then words can say.
Heís in my thoughts everyday.
My love for him stay forever strong.
Without him, thereís nowhere I belong.



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