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Nail Scared Hands

by Shelby ©

Jesus came from above,
One star lit night.
He was fill with God's love,
The prophets were right.

To each and everyone,
Jesus preached through the land.
He called to them Please,
Come take my hand.

They were blind,
Could not hear.
For a man, our Savior,
All they did was fear.

Why this man was chosen,
They did not understand.
Filled with God's holy love,
And God's special plan.

Jesus did not deceive,
He wanted to take them home.
He wanted them to see,
A place they all could belong.

Now Jesus is gone,
But some day He will return.
We have to hold on,
To the lessons we have learned.

With nail scared hands,
He will carry us home.
He will wipe away our tears,
We’re never more to fear.

He died for our sins,
Upon that cross.
We should all live for Him,
At any cost.

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