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by Shelby ©

A sinner is called,
By Him with love.
The message Is brought,
On wings of a dove.

The poor man has,
No money to spend.
But to the poor,
His love does descend.

The homeless has,
No place to sleep.
But will be counted,
As one of His sheep.

The blind on earth,
Cannot see.
Theyíll see Him,
And be set free.

Widow are lonely,
Oh how they weep.
Theyíll be in Heaven,
Among the meek.

How we worry about,
Our life, so.
But only if we would take Jesus,
Where ever we go.

Letting Him become,
Our guiding hand.
Letting Him makes,
All of our plans.

If Jesus was with us,
Each and every day.
If only we could hear,
His sweet voice say.

Be kind to your neighbor,
Kind to your friends.
Love your enemies,
Then love will began.

Letís treat everyone,
In a special way.
If me make mistakes,
Thatís okay.

Believe in your heart,
Jesus love is true.
That He would never,
Forsake you.

Believe in you mind,
All the time.
Just not from,
Time to time.

In faith, love, trust,
Be very sincere.
And you will know,
Jesus is always near.

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