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Jesus Saved Me

by Shelby ©

My life,
Was filled with sorrow.
About tomorrow.

I had been,
Always looking.
For my,
Fame or fortune.

I never,
Took the time.
Wanting to make,
That precious dime.

I would never,
Let His love shine.
On this,
Heart of mine.

Had His words written,
In a book,
But I never,
Took time to look.

When I needed answers,
They never came.
Feeling my lowest,
I looked for someone to blame.

Then one day,
I sat here all alone.
I thought about Jesus,
Sitting on Godís throne.

I asked forgiveness,
For all my worldly sin.
This is when I knew,
My life had just began.

A love I never knew,
But He was always there.
Now the love I feel for Him,
Nothing can compare.

Now when life,
Treats me bad.
I cannot be,
Really sad.

For a love,
I never knew.
His love always,
Gets me through.

Now as they,
Prepare my grave.
I know by Jesus grace,
I am saved.



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