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A Lonely Heart

by Shelby ©

They are pictures everywhere.
His old tennis shoes use to sit there.

His blue tractor sit all alone,
Like it waiting for him to come home.

His van which was white, now dirty,
Has a flat tire, but I’m not to worry.

No coffee to be made each morning,
That’s the clock’s, second nine minute warring.

No reason to get up that I can think of,
Wishing for things back to the way they was.

Life’s just seem to go on without him,
Is it only three months, longer it seems.

People say, ‘with time it will get easier’.
In the kind words, I am not a true believer.

I am just so damn tired of being lonely,
My heart is still full of love for him only.

Told I have so many people to go on for,
At this time I cannot give any more.


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