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About Stari Grad and the Island of Hvar

The beautiful island of Hvar is located off Croatia's Dalmatian Coast. With a yearly average of 2724 hours of sunshine, Hvar indeed earns its reputation as one of the sunniest locations in the Mediterranean.

Stari Grad - city centre

Relax on our beautiful beaches. Wander through the lavendar carpeted fields. Explore the medieval towns and handsome old ports and fishing villages. The Island of Hvar has something to offer to every visitor.

The ancient city of Stari Grad, located on the northwestern coast of the Island of Hvar, is steeped in the rich culture of past civilizations. The city was founded by the ancient Greeks in 385 BC as the independent city of Pharos. Much of Stari Grad's rich history remains intact.
Hektorovic fortified villa

Enjoy all that Stari Grad has to offer. Bath in the warm water or try your hand at fishing. Enjoy our Croatian cuisine, especially the fresh seafood, accompanied by a glass of Croatian wine.

The ferry ride to the island sets the pace for a quieter, gentler way of life. Stress is left behind as you travel the short distance between the main port at Split to Stari Grad. Come and enjoy the beauty of Stari Grad!


Eljuga Family Guesthouse