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Presenting The Life and Times of
Our 38th President
Gerald R. Ford.


The future President of the United States
was born Leslie Lynch King, Jr, the son of
Leslie Lynch King and Dorothy Ayer Gardner King,
on July 14, 1913, in Omaha, Nebraska.

Due to tragic circumstances, his parents were
separated two weeks after his birth.
The mother and 15 day old son went to
Grand Rapids, Michigan, to live with her parents.

The house where the young child, and his
mother lived from 1913 to 1917.

1960 Terrace SE, Grand Rapids, Mi.


This is the Leslie Lynch King house.

3002 Woolworth Ave, Omaha, Nebraska.

The following pictures are from Omaha, Ne.

Omaha Skyline with Riverboat.

A scene from the Botanical Gardens.

The Rose Garden.


Th City of Omaha built this in honor of the
38th President of the United States.

Gerald R. Ford Conservation Center
1326 South 36th St., Omaha, Nebraska.


On February 1,1916, approximately two years after
her divorce was final, Dorothy King married
Gerald R. Ford, a Grand Rapids paint salesman.
The Fords began calling her son Gerald R. Ford,Jr.,
although his name was not legally changed until
December 3, 1935. He did not know until 1930 that,
Gerald R. Ford, Sr., was not his biological father.

The future president grew up in a close-knit family
which included three younger half-brothers
Thomas, Richard and James.

The information on this, and the following pages,
is courtesy of
The Gerald R. Ford Library.


I am thrilled to bring to you this very old
photo of the White House.

A picture postcard from the early 1900's
Isn't it lovely?


President Ford's Favorites.

Time of Day, Season: Dawn, all seasons
Breakfast: orange juice, melon, English muffins,
and tea with lemon.
Food: pot roast and red cabbage
Dessert: butter pecan ice cream
Drink: coffee, iced tea
Flower: apple blossom, azalea
Hobby: stamp collecting
Hymn: The Navy Hymn: "Eternal Father Strong to Save"
Book: non-fiction contemporary history
Color: red
Parlor Game: bridge
Sports Figure: Al Kaline, Detroit Tigers
Participatory Sports: golf, tennis, skiing
Dance: ballrom
Music: jazz, swing
Weather: sunshine on golf course, snow on ski slopes
Place to Visit: Vail Colorado
Most Unforgettable Moment: Noon, August 9, 1974
Most Valued Advice: "That which comes from my wife"
Memberships" American Legion, Veterans of Foreign
Wars, AMVETS, 33rd Degree Mason.


Another picture postcard!

Early 1900's


Let us continue...

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